What is Slash?

Slash is a relationship pairing of same sex characters, such as gay or lesbian relationships.  Specifically, it’s when you take characters that are portrayed in canon (what’s depicted in the TV or Movie program by the writers) as supposedly straight, and you make them bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender/transsexual.

For the Slash to fit, the characters must (mostly) never have claimed to be straight. However, a writer can sell it if it’s done correctly (aka, suspension of disbelief).

Why Focus on Jack & Daniel?

Because they’re hot. Why not?

Jack O’Neill is a great character.

Daniel Jackson is a great character.

Taking these two friends and making them more than that gives a writer a plethora of story ideas (called plot bunnies, and I don’t know why–it’s a fandom thing).

Problems With TPTB. What does this mean?

TPTB means The Powers That Be. It refers to the show’s producers, writers, and/or directors. The people who are responsible for the characters and their stories/depictions.

Great characters, or characters that have great potential, can be interfered with and made to behave outside what is believable. I don’t mean making them gay. I mean having a military officer behave outside of the set rules and requirements for that type of character. The same thing goes for scientists, or any other profession, where a character goes against who they’re supposed to be.

In Stargate SG-1, we have a military installation and personnel in charge of the Stargate machine. They have civilian personnel to help with their mission statement, which is to protect Earth from all alien threats.

Now, the writers hired to flesh out the characters and write up stories for episodes need to be knowledgeable about the types of characters and their universes.

If you write a military officer, an Air Force pilot for example, who rarely flies an aircraft, who bucks authority, who violates regulations at the drop of a hat, then the writer has failed at their job. Sometimes, the writer has done their job, but then a director and producer interfere with that depiction, and thus cock it all up. The same is said for the scientists and other civilians.

There are episodes in Stargate SG-1 where the logical behavior of the characters has been shit-canned. It becomes clear that the military advisor has either failed at their job or they’ve been blatantly ignored.

Much of the stories I write have, when done seriously, corrected these problems within the canon of the series.

Why is there explicit sex within most of your stories?

Because to leave it out would make the romantic relationship flat.

In my opinion.

If you’re going to write up a relationship, no matter the sexual orientation, and you leave out the sexual details, the characters are not well-rounded. Sex does not have to always be explicitly detailed, but in my opinion, sexual relations need to be included in any romantic story. Period.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. 🙂